The Committee of Agricultural Extension (CAE) is one of the affiliated organizations in College of Bioresources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University. Via the College’s assistances in agricultural education, research and extension, the CAE is designated to maximize the college’s resources for its responsibilities: promoting the economic growth in rural areas and modernizing agricultural education system. The CAE is in charge of agricultural extension affairs in Northern Taiwan, including Keelung City, Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan County, Hsinchu County, and Miaoli County.


CAE’s mission is to assist the government in agricultural development by acting as an information exchange center for NTU with other agricultural communities in agricultural education, research and extension education. The CAE in NTU especially maintains a close long-term partnership with Taoyuan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TYDARES), COA, Executive Yuan and Miaoli District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (MDARES), COA, Executive Yuan. So that, in addition to assisting the communication for the state of the art in agriculture among NTU, TYDARES, and MDARES, we are able to practically outreach and efficiently provide local farmers the latest technology information and technical advice for agricultural production.


The CAE consists of Committee Members including the Dean of the College of Bioresources and Agriculture as Chairman, the head of the Department of Bio-Industry Communication and Development as Executive Secretary, and heads of all the Departments in the College as Committee members. In addition, 3 Agriculture Extension Professors and 17 Agriculture Extension Teachers are invited by the CAE to assist in general affairs. Two full-time CAE staff is currently in charge of planning and coordinating in agriculture extension and administrative works.



Holding meetings for agricultural production and marketing strategy consultation.


Holding education and training workshops for agricultural extension professionals.


Providing advice to agricultural production and marketing training classes.


Coordinating and arranging AE professors of NTU to lecture in workshops and symposiums held by agricultural institutions.


Publishing agricultural extension articles, journals and periodicals.


Instructing production techniques and marketing strategy for rural farmers on site.



The Committee of Agricultural Extension (CAE) will continue to work closely with its partner institutions and organizations to better serve local agricultural community with technical support, and advise farming individuals to pursue great benefits of their livelihoods in a sustainable style. The perspectives of our mission focus on:

1. Continue on agricultural extension services, through the strengthening of education for quality farming manpower and the integration of NTU research groups and scholars into a wilder workforce network.

2. Promote sustainable farming businesses, through the introducing of efficient management measures including pesticide residue safety and produce tracking systems, knowledge-based value-added agriculture and organic produce marketing systems, to help develop a safe, healthy supply network for agricultural communities.

3. Value bio-diversity and adaptive measures to global changes, by providing farmers current development on sustainable agricultural technology, to cope with possible losses by natural disasters.


Established in: 1977
Director: Prof. Yuan-Tay Shyu
Tel: +886-2-33662998
Fax: +886-2-23635879